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steve rogers does not embarass easy


think about post-serum, pre-hydra-facility-rescue steve, when it was all USO girls and stretchy flag costumes and having vegetables thrown at him because his lines were so cheeseball they were almost literal balls of cheese coming out of his mouth.

it had to have been embarrassing, had to have been humiliating, and steve definitely hated it, but he never let his ego get in the way. he set his jaw and practiced his smile and held baby after drooling baby because he thought he was doing good and he would grab any opportunity to do some good in the world.

that scene in the rain when peggy sees steve sketching a performing monkey in his sketchbook. he makes no move to hide his drawing, no bluster or bravado about the one thing he probably feels the most emotionally vulnerable about.

even the first time ever he’s alone with peggy!! In a car with this beautiful woman and steve just tells her about all the places he got beat up. no bluster, no spinning it into a brag-worthy thing, just plain truth about something that most of the world would consider shameful.

not to mention he cries in front of her after bucky dies. ugly crying.

just. steve rogers!! not afraid of emotion!! steve rogers!! does not have a fragile male ego!! steve rogers!!


steve’s whole life philosophy is basically “on va voir” tbh

"Steve, don’t you join the army, you’ll get yourself killed." "We’ll see."

"You can’t single-handedly raid a Nazi base—your friend’s probably dead." "We’ll see."

"Probably best not to drop your shield," common sense whispers, "Bucky’ll probably kill you—" "WE’LL SEE."

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Everybody thinks Steve is this gentle soul, the artist, tame, polite; because it just goes with his scrawny look. And it makes him secretly angry that his body will never let him project what he really feels he is inside. Not that he will ever complain about it - there are a lot of people worse off than him - he understands that. He’s always accepting towards himself, but there’s just this hidden bit of him, this rebel voice that screams his lungs out from the bottom of the pit. Sorry, can’t let you out. But it’s ok. He can take it. He always takes it.

Bucky is the one who listens to the wilderness inside Steve. Every time Steve resigns himself to this imposed mask, he drags that screaming banshee out by her hair. People don’t see that. They think Bucky watches out for Steve and keeps him out of fights. They think it’s pity. Instead, it’s the opposite. Bucky admires him when Steve breaks away from his boundaries, encourages it even. Bucky hopes that one day Steve will be able to make the ends meet, marry the rogue and the righteous. He knows that day will be the day people will finally recognize Steve for what he is.

the “a” on his forehead stands for…


"I think I’ve figured it out," Natasha murmurs as she and Bucky watch Steve, all five foot odd inches and ninety-something pounds of him, stride up to the Fedora who apparently thought that Cosplay Girl in her skin-tight Black Widow outfit was fair game. 

The lady said ‘no,’ son, Steve was saying and somehow he manages to convey enough authority and confidence that even the Fedora - who was roughly the size of a brick shithouse - was taken aback.

"Figured out what?" Bucky mutters back absently, already mentally counting down as to when he was going to have to step in.

"The ‘a’ on his forehead."


Cosplay Black Widow Girl isn’t taking things sitting down either.  She’s got her arms crossed and that’s a pretty damn good approximation of Nat’s glare as she tells the Fedora off. 


"The what now?" Bucky figures Steve’s going to go for the beer bottle.  He’s not completely hopeless, because of better food and medication, but he’s still got his size and weight working against him if he’s going to try to meet the guy strength for strength.  But Steve’s not completely the hotheaded punk he used to be and he knows how to fight smart. 

"The ‘a’ on his Captain America cowl.  Helmet.  Thing," Nat waves airily.  "Figured out what it’s supposed to stand for."


Fedora’s the type of asshole who thinks just because a dame’s got her assets on display, that she’s lost all the right to say no.  Fucking idiot.  If a dame says no, you back off, whatever the hell else she’s wearing.  Otherwise, you’re an asshole who deserves to have his face beat in.  And oh, hey, there we go, Fedora’s trying to use his height and build to intimidate Steve. Bucky wanted to laugh.  Steve hadn’t backed down from a fight even when he didn’t have the super serum and he sure as hell wasn’t going to back down now.

And Christ, Stevie was a beautiful sight, blue eyes narrowed, cheeks flushed, Irish temper up and running. 


Fists are clenched.  Fedora’s about to swing. And there he goes.  Steve ducks.  And Cosplay Black Widow Girl grabs the beer bottle and breaks it over Fedora’s head.  Steve grabs the barstool and introduces it to Fedora. 

Steve’s a gentleman.  He makes sure Fedora’s thoroughly acquainted with Mr. Bar Stool and this time, he aims it right where it’s gonna hurt.

And Fedora has buddies. Of course. 


Yeah, time for Bucky to step in. He hasn’t been in a good ol’ fashioned bar brawl since forever.  He’s missed being in those with Steve. 

"It’s adorable," Nat remarks even as she starts grabbing Bar Stools to introduce to Fedora’s buddies.  "God bless Adorable."

"God bless America," Bucky grins. 

Steve kind of squeaks when Cosplay Black Widow Girl grabs him for a…. what are the kids calling it these days?  A glomp?  Nat called it a glomp.  Yeah, Steve got glomped by Cosplay Black Widow Girl and congratulated on his “dead on” cosplay of Pre-Serum Steve Rogers. 

It wasn’t until a lot later that Tumblr figured out that the tiny, adorable, confused “Steve Rogers” cosplayer was the real thing. But then it helped when he got carried away by his adoring Winter Soldier. 

"You are in so much trouble, Bucko!"

Adorable.  Nat had him pegged after all.

- end -


"Poor Bucky. Going places with pre-serum Steve must feel like walking a chihuahua with aggression issues."

cleaned up a sketch from early may, based on this post, because it was a super cute idea and i’m a sucker for scrappy pre-serum steve


"Poor Bucky. Going places with pre-serum Steve must feel like walking a chihuahua with aggression issues."

cleaned up a sketch from early may, based on this post, because it was a super cute idea and i’m a sucker for scrappy pre-serum steve

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Because I’m tired of the “Steve sucks at modern technology” trope.  He was picking up and using HYDRA tech that was powered by the tesseract in WWII. And user interfaces were pretty un-intuitive back then — knobs labeled in German or French, most likely.  And think about the number of dials and thingamabobs on an airplane control panel!  Yes, he’s a man out of time, but it’s probably the social stuff that’s much harder to adjust to.  (You can tell he’s recently-thawed because he still insists on wearing at least a button-down shirt and suspenders when out in public.)

Never ever forget that




-Steve Rogers was raised by an Irish-catholic single mom in New York in the Depression era -Steve Rogers grew up with a ton of disabilities -Steve Rogers had an apartment in an incredibly gay section of New York -Steve Rogers was a fine arts student -Steve Rogers completely missed the Red Scare, McCarthyism, the Cold War, Vietnam, Korea, etc. -Steve Rogers was written by two Jewish guys -Steve Rogers had a gay best friend and did not consider his love to be any less valid or less real -Steve Rogers worked with Japanese-American and black soldiers in, again, the Second World War -Steve Rogers was just in a movie about how utterly fucked up the military-industrial complex is Basically if your Steve Rogers is a conservative commie-hating uberChristian who would be at home in a racist southern church, you’re doing something wrong.

Bucky’s gay? 

The post is mentioning Steve’s friend Arnie Roth (Earth 616)


Steve saved his boyfriend from kidnappers



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people who think steve goes completely red at the mere mention of sex are ridiculous

did you forget about the fondue how could you forget about the fondue

steve heard a French word he didn’t know come out of howard stark’s mouth directed towards a woman and he immediately assumed it was about sex

like there are so many layers of hilarious in that i don’t even know where to start

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